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Votre étiquette : votre premier ambassadeur

  • 1.The company cannot be responsible for force majeure, such as war, fire, flooding, lack of production material, breakdown of machines, it reserves the right to cancel any orders, even if they have been partially delivered, and is free of any obligation to deliver without having to refund.

  • 2. All of our products are regarded as taken from our shops; even if they are sent post free. They are sent under the client's responsibility. Only the weight at the beginning will be considered.

  • 3. Payment is from the date of the bill, and not the reception date or the delivery date. Failure to pay within the respected delay, even in force majeure, gives the vendor reason to demand full and immediate payment, and to delay or cancel all current agreements without further notice. Method of payment does not alter payment by banking order at Saint Etienne. Any unpaid amount will be charged an extra 1% per month. Any litigation will be taken to the Court of Commerce in Saint Etienne; the competent authority, even if there are numerous defendants.

  •  4. Orders taken by our representatives only become valid after written confirmation from the vendor who is the only person able to fix payment conditions and its implementation.

  •  5. Given the forbearance of raw materials and the product quality dyes, the vendor cannot guarantee a fabric weight, and an exact shade of colour; we have the same forbearance. As a result an exact reproduction of the given colour cannot be guaranteed.

  •  6. Designs, drawings special or customized films are our copyright, even when they have been billed. We  do our designs following  an imagined drawing or a selected drawing given by the client. We do not influence the client’s choice of marks or drawings that they order from us. We have no responsibility or liability if these drawings or marks are already protected by a third party.

  •  7. No cancellations can be accepted even in the event of a delayed delivery, if prior notice has not been sent by registered post after the delivery dates given by us,
     which cannot be less than fifteen days. Delivery delays cannot lead to any request for compensation.

  • 8. We request that customers verify the merchandise on its arrival. In order to make a claim, clients should write by registered post within twelve days of delivery by the carrier, provided that the latter had not been used and the goods are in the state in which the vendor had delivered.   No returns will be accepted without prior agreement.

  • 9. The buyer has eight days to retract from the sale, after which the sale is validated.

  • 10. Conditions of ownership : all goods remain the property of JSD etiquettes until receipt of payment in full.

  • 11. Delayed payments : In the case of late payments, the penalty will be equivalent to one and a half times the legal annual interest rate. There will be no need for any formal notice, and this clause does not prejudice the amount due. The terms of payment cannot be delayed under any pretext whatsoever, even when there is litigation


21, rue du Puits Rochefort - BP 255
42014 SAINT ETIENNE cedex 2
tel : +33 (0)4 77 33 03 75 - fax : +33 (0)4 77 41 96 43

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