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Votre étiquette : votre premier ambassadeur

Your label is shown on all your products, publicised, and worn
by your clients; it is your first means of portraying your image.

Woven, embroidered, printed…….on fabric, paper, PVC or on leather
JSD labels creates your customized labels in keeping with your chosen design.

Our creativity, our ability to respond quickly as well as our know how, has won us the confidence of several prestigious marks (Chanel, Dior, St Laurent, Lacoste,…).

JSD ETIQUETTES est certifiée label Oeko-tex


woven labels printed labels Embossed labels: leather, synthetic leather, PVC
Embroidery Carrdboard transfer paper Woven tapes

21, rue du Puits Rochefort - BP 255
42014 SAINT ETIENNE cedex 2
tel : +33 (0)4 77 33 03 75

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