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L'entreprise JSD

From the design to the fabrication

12cm²! How can this small area become a pedestal for your brand name ?

At our DTP integrated (Desktop publishing) studio we will draft customized labels in keeping with your chosen design. After signed approval of a production sample, choice of quality and sizes; we will strive to provide an appropriate deadline depending on your commitments..

Tradition and modernism


Our company is based in the heart of the Saint Etienne region, which is, of course, a region steeped in the history of textiles. Most of our products are made in France. We have our own production line with the latest modern machinery, which guarantees an efficient industrial production. We also do jacquard weaving so we can easily adjust colours and materials. We are now one of the last remaining manufacturers to offer this kind of high quality weaving.

The cutting and the presentation are incorporated in order to respond more efficiently to your production commitments. Our expertise; which is consolidated by our efficient production line, means that we are adaptable, and are capable of proposing creative, industrial and logistical solutions to your expectations.

Our expertise

- traditional weaving (tapes and logos in different materials)
- industrial weaving (Premium high definition, ultra soft selvedge….)
- printing on ribbons
- printing on all sorts of materials (cardboard, leather, synthetic leather PVC...)
- embroidery

On hand advice

JSD‘s qualified commercial representative is at your service to develop and follow your project from its design stage to its fabrication.
By customizing products, respecting deadlines, and quoting competitive prices, as well as the three simple principles of being on hand, creative, and technical means that we have gained the trust of several prestigious brand names in the textile industry.

21, rue du Puits Rochefort - BP 255
42014 SAINT ETIENNE cedex 2
tel : +33 (0)4 77 33 03 75 - fax : +33 (0)4 77 41 96 43

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